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Nutritional Revolution (NR) was created when owner Kyla Channell saw that there was a true disconnect between daily nutrition and nutrition for athletes. Specifically on when and how to use specific fueling methods to achieve optimal performance as well as health in their sport.

NR works with males and females, specializing in female specific fueling and hydration requirements depending on where you are in your hormone cycle or life stage. NR works with all types and levels of athletes whether you are a beginner or advanced athlete training for IronMan World Championship, CrossFit Games, or an Olympic Lifting meet, we can design a plan to excel your performance. In addition to helping clients fuel and hydrate properly for their activities, Nutritional Revolution works with clients of all ages, activity levels. We also work with those wanting to achieve goals of weight loss, energy stabilization, dietary changes due to allergen/sensitivities, and overall health and well being working from the inside out.

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Kyla created a plan specifically for me and my training loads/stresses seamlessly integrating the need to shift my body composition from that of a swimmer to that of a triathlete while maintaining my training load. I love that weight is only one aspect of her nutritional program – she focuses on how you are FEELING – how hungry you have been, how much stress have you been under, how many hours of sleep you are getting, how your clothes are fitting, etc. I lost weight while performing better than I ever had under Kyla’s watchful eye. Her approach and genuine care for each of her clients helped me go from elite amateur triathlete to Professional Triathlete. I couldn’t have done it without her!

Laurence – Professional Triathlete

I would recommend NR service because of the high attention to detail, quick responses and follow ups, and incredible knowledge of female-specific nutrition and sport. It’s obvious that the team cares deeply about their clients’ success!

Angela – Marathon Runner

Thanks again NR—as an M.D., I greatly appreciate the well researched and synthesized/packaged information that you provide. You help me keep up to date and are one of my top sources for nutritional information

Mitch R., M.D.

I started working with Kyla to help me properly fuel my training & racing and lose some fat.  She helped me understand what macronutrients I needed and when, and that carbs are not evil…. They just need to be appropriately timed.  Her plan was customized for me and my exact training schedule so that workouts and recovery were optimized. The results have been nothing short of amazing! I lost 16 lbs in 4 months (mostly fat!) which is roughly 10% of my starting weight. I feel great and looking forward to improved race performance this season with less weight to carry on the bike. I definitely couldn’t have done it without her!

K.D. – Triathlete

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for taking me through this learning journey about nutrition for running. I’ve learned so much from you and feel confident on how to fuel properly! Made so many changes and definitely seen improvements on how I feel and how I’ve performed. I will for sure take what I’ve learned and apply it to my HM training! Feel great knowing I’m armed with the tools I need to tackle my 2nd HM!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!

J.C. – Runner

Kyla’s expertise and guidance have been amazing over the nine months that I’ve been working with her. For the past 25 years I’ve been an avid recreational runner and continue to race in half-marathons and up to 50k distance, but I was never intentional about my nutrition and hydration until I found Nutritional Revolution. Having pre and post-race sessions with Kyla to really discuss the details, ask any questions and tweak my plan where needed has been immensely helpful. Kyla is always super responsive and supportive. She has also provided me with essential non-performance related guidance around pre/post-surgery nutrition and other health goals. I’m incredibly grateful!

Rachel – Marathon Runner

My nutritional revolution started in the fall of 2019. At that time I began noticing hormonal issues after removing my IUD, which I had had for almost 15 years. My husband and I were hoping to begin trying to conceive the following year, so I wanted to remove my IUD beforehand and figure out what my body was doing. After three months of no cycle, many blood tests, and an ultrasound, I was diagnosed with PCOS.

Not long after, I reached out to Kyla with Nutritional Revolution. She was so incredibly welcoming, calming, and genuinely believed she could help. She and her team looked at all the bloodwork that I had done, plus a few more that they recommended, and spent time analyzing the nutrients my body was missing, or unable to absorb, in addition to analyzing my normal food intake. I was then presented with an amazing breakdown of how to feed my body what it needs in order to function at its highest and most healthful level. Beautiful recipe suggestions, well organized shopping lists, approachable fitness recommendations, everything I needed to take my steps towards not only managing my diagnosis, but moving past it into living my life healthfully.

Not only did Kyla help me get manage my PCOS, but I attribute our success in conceiving our daughter, who is now one year’s old, primarily to the work that Kyla, her team and I did together. I now feel empowered by the knowledge of the absolute best way to feed my body. It is so inspiring to learn about how your unique body works. Don’t be intimidated! Kyla and her team truly make it so approachable to input these changes into your life. I would recommend Kyla and Nutritional Revolution to anyone looking to understand how nutrition can impact your life is such an empowering way.”

Keira – Understanding Women’s Hormones

My initial problem that led me to reach out and do the Nutrient Analysis was the outcome of a Dexa Scan that was ordered by my family practitioner. Results were L1-L3 Osteoporosis in March 2023. I wanted to improve my diet. Kyla helped revise my diet. Very responsive to my needs. Always got back to me quickly if I had questions. I had another Dexa Scan in January 2024 that improved to Osteopenia. Within 1 year I had improvement. I would highly recommend this test to someone with similar problems.

Patrice Horan – Nutrient Analysis

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Clayton Hutchins becomes Canadian Champion at the Americas Triathlon Cup Montreal.
Clayton Hutchins becomes Canadian Champion at the Americas Triathlon Cup Montreal.

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