3 Tips for Meal Planning

Here are our top 3 tips for meal planning!

1. Time block your calendar!

Time blocking is an incredibly useful tool to help you set tasks and get them done. For instance, if you were to just write down on your to do list to “meal prep for the week”, you may never actually get around to doing it because you prioritize other items on your list. However, by scheduling a 2-3 hour window every Sunday afternoon to meal prep, you are automatically giving yourself the time and space to complete this task. Putting your goals in a physical location outside of your own mind is a crucial first step to helping you accomplish those goals. 

2. Start small!

Meal prepping seems daunting for a lot of individuals who have never done it before. Needing to cook 3 meals a day for the entire week in 1 period of time seems like a lot of work at first, so break it down!

Try just meal prepping for all of your dinners for 1 week, or for all of your lunches. Whichever meal of the day that you struggle with most– target that one first! Using the time block method we mentioned, spend a couple hours on Sunday cooking 1-3 dinner meals that you will enjoy for the week.

Don’t forget that there are different variations to meal prepping as well– You do NOT have to prepare all 3 meals for all 7 days to be meal prepping.  

3. Build your grocery list!

This is a crucial step for anyone who is meal prepping or struggles with their day to day meals. Walking into a grocery store without a list makes you more prone to buying items that you may not actually need or not enough of a food that you do need! By preparing yourself with a list of the actual proteins, veggies, carbs, and fat sources you will be fueling your body with for the week, you will be less likely to stray away from those options and fill your cart with foods that don’t provide the same nutritional value. 

This will also ensure that you have enough of the ingredients you need to prep enough meals for the week. 

How to get started

If you’re interested in meal prepping, try our Premium Package! You will receive custom macros every 2 weeks, along with a meal plan that will best fuel your body.

If you don’t need the custom macros but still want some meal planning guidance, check out the variety of meal planning programs we offer on our site HERE. Some of our fan favorites include our 4 Week Real Food, Real Quick Meal Plan, our Bone Health Support Meal Program, and our Vegan Athlete Meal Plan.

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