FOUNDER, MS Nutrition & Human Performance


  • MS Nutrition & Human Performance
  • BS Clinical Nutrition UC Davis
  • Owner and Founder of Nutritional Revolution
  • 2 year Sports Nutrition Diploma from the International Olympic Committee (IOC)
  • Degreed Sports Nutrition Practitioner
  • PurplePatch Fitness Lead Nutritionist
  • VIS Expert™
  • Nutrition Advisor for HeroFuel

Kyla is a Degreed Nutritional Practitioner, specializing in elite athlete fueling for each unique sport and sex differences between athletes.  

Sports Nutrition is a constantly changing field due to all the new scientific research coming out.  It’s important to know which journal article results are actually relevant and statistically significant for a client.  Kyla keeps up to date on the latest scientific research, attending monthly conferences and webinars to keep her athletes informed and performing their best.  Not only does Kyla work one-on-one with clients, but she also gives Nutrition Seminars to teams and gyms (Click here to request a seminar).


  • Properly fueling the body for specific sports and hobbies to enhance performance
  • Increasing energy levels naturally and keeping levels stable throughout the day
  • Improving sleep habits using food
  • Transitioning to a healthy nutrient dense lifestyle
  • Decreasing body weight, increasing lean muscle mass and decreasing body fat percentage
  • Adapting an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Increasing awareness of food and macronutrient affects on ones body
  • Food pairing to utilize fat stores and decrease insulin response
  • Adapting to a healthy lifestyle to avoid food allergens and food sensitivities


  • What’s the weirdest health food you’ve ever tried?
    • Durian, also surprisingly good! Soursop is neat too!
  • What’s your favorite type of veggie, and how do you like to eat it?
    • Oh man, I’m a sucker for all types of mushrooms because they soak up the yummy flavors of a dish.
  • What’s your favorite workout playlist or music to listen to while exercising?
    • Oh gosh, lol, “I took a pill in Ibiza” pandora station always gets me pumped up to workout.
  • What’s your favorite type of workout, and why?
    • Mountain biking, you get to be outside away from all the noise and you get to just focus on your breath and getting over that next obstacle or climb.
  • What’s your favorite tip to give to your clients?
    • Nail the basics, energy intake, sleep, hydration first.

Kyla holds a Masters of Science degree with Honors in Nutrition & Human Performance and her thesis focused on Training Stress & Menstrual Dysfunction. She holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree from the University of California Davis in Clinical Nutrition, and a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certification. Following UC Davis Kyla worked under Dr. Stacy T. Sims, MSc, PhD Environmental Exercise Physiologist- Nutrition Scientist; Expert in Hydration, Nutrition and Sex Differences where she studied sex differences and effects on athletic performance.

Sports Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
American Diabetes Association
Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Association
My Sports Dietitian

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Sports Nutrition: The Power to Influence Exercise Performance – Esther F. Myers, Phd, RDN, FADA, May 2014

Antioxidants and Phytochemicals Seminar – Karen Collins, MS, RDN, CDN, February 2014


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Kyla has had a profound impact on my nutrition and race fueling this year. I have experienced significant GI issues during long events for more than 20 years. This year, with the gut training protocol gradually building a higher level of the hydration and calories being consumed during the race, combined with the race week protocols making sure I get all the right supplements loaded pre-race, I have not experienced a single race with any GI distress.

Rick W. – 67 y/o Triathlete, North Carolina, USA

4 Month Progress Report: I’m overall pleased with the progress, in that I’ve *never* progressed at all in this area in my life, so I’ll take it. Biggest win is that I no longer have a bloodlust for sugar. I used to have uncontrollable sugar binges. I knew it was making my aesthetic worse, but I literally could not stop them. Another win is that I don’t feel like I’m on Diet Island, unable to do anything with family/friends because I need to go eat 3 oz of an air cooled chicken and one carrot stick.
Taking supplements like clockwork. Never miss those. Keeping momentum. Previously I’d had this do or die approach and if I had an off day, workouts or eating, the train went off the tracks. This is sustained momentum for me which is good.

Dan W. – Trail Ultrarunner, California, USA

I knew it would be essential to have someone I trust & also be honest with if I was to going to really have a go at doing things right. I think for anyone in sports the right team, whether be coach, nutritionist etc has to be people you trust for it to work. I chose Kyla because of the sports science side of things, I needed a different approach given my background then to focus on food, instead I needed it to be a about performance, thinking this way and Kyla’s in depth knowledge and more scientific approach really motivated me, excited me and earned my trust rather trying to fight it.

Felicity (Flick) J. – Professional Triathlete, Australia

It had been three years since I went from a confirmed non-athlete to calling myself a “CrossFitter”. It was time to take another step towards finding my inner warrior and fine tune my diet. Kyla provided the perfect combination of guidance and understanding. Three months later I had not only met the goal I had set, but had exceeded it. All the while seeing PR’s in lifting and improved endurance. Kyla’s professionalism and support made it all possible.

Andrea A. – CrossFit Athlete, California, USA