Is there a limit to how much protein your body can use? 

is there a limit to how much protein your body can use?

In a recent a racent randomized controlled trial, researchers looked to see if there was a relationship between how much protein an athlete ingested and muscle growth. The athletes participating in the study completed a full body resistance program. Some then drank 25 grams of milk protein, some 100 grams of protein, and some had a drink that contained no milk protein.

Researchers studied 36 recreationally active, healthy young men ages 18 to 40, who were involved in sport or exercise one to three times per week. In order to gauge protein synthesis and breakdown within the body, the milk protein they drank was enriched with amino acid tracers, stable isotpe amino acid tracers were given via IV, and blood and muscle tissue samples were collected during a 12-hour period. The two days prior to the experiment, the participants were asked not to exercise and keep a consistent diet, all having the same standard meal the night before.

The Results?

The participants who took in the drink with 100 grams of milk protein showed greater muscle and whole-body protein synthesis rates than those who took in 25 grams of protein. Also, that group showed greater rate of whole-body protein synthesis and whole-body protein net balance. The more protein that was ingetsed, the greater the whole-body net protein balance was.

What does it mean?

The overall results of this study support the idea that eating enough protein in a day is more important than how you distribute the protein throughout that day. The results also suggest that there seems to be no feasible limit to the amount of protein the body can use in a single meal for muscle tissue building purposes. This is the first study to show that there is apparently a linear dose-response relationship between protein intake and muscle protein synthesis.

So be sure to hit those protein targets!

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