Episode 101 w/ Dr. Bryan Saunders: Caffeine, Genetics & Athletic Performance

In this week’s episode, we talk to researcher Dr . Bryan Saunders about:

  • How caffeine affects the body
  • How genetics plays a role in your ability to metabolize caffeine
  • Common questions about using caffeine to improve performance

Dr. Bryan Saunders is currently a researcher and lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo in Brazil. He has also worked as an exercise physiologist for the São Paulo Cycling Federation, as well as a lecturer at the Poznań University of Physical Education in Poland. He completed his post-doctoral research at School of Physical Education and Sport at  University of São Paulo after completing his undergrad, master’s and PhD in the UK. He is actively involved in researching sports nutrition, nutritional supplementation, exercise physiology and performance, as well as applied physiology and nutrition and placebo and nocebo effects.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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