Episode 80 with Dr. Katie Hirsch: Should you use Essential Amino Acid Supplements?

In this week’s episode, we talk to researcher and professor Dr. Katie Hirsch, who has done extensive research in many things, including essential amino acid supplementation in HIIT workouts. We talk to Katie about:

  • Who should take Essential Amino Acids?
  • What type of EAAs should I take?
  • When should you take EAAs?
  • Fed vs Fasted – what does the research show?

Dr. Katie Hirsch is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Exercise Science at the University of South Carolina, Arnold School of Public Health. Her research focuses on the effects of exercise and nutrition on body composition, muscle and protein metabolism, cardiometabolic health, and performance, with a focus on sex differences and women’s health across the lifespan. Dr. Hirsch completed postdoctoral research training in the Center for Translational Research in Aging & Longevity at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. She completed her PhD in Human Movement Science and MA in Exercise Physiology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and BS in Exercise Science at Truman State University. She is a Certified Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine and Certified Sports Nutritionist with the International Society of Sports Nutrition.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

See you in the next episode!