Episode 2 with Jen Simmons: How Athletes Reframe Their Racing Mindset During COVID

In today’s episode, we speak with Jen Simmons, a Certified Mental Performance Consultant as well as an athlete and coach. She herself works with athletes in the world of sport and performance psychology and provides a ton of great tips in today’s episode on how to manage some of your mental stressors that surround racing.  Also with the current COVID situation and the race season up in the air, this is the perfect time to get some tips from Jen!

As a mindfulness coach, Jen talks about meditation, taking time to breathe in this challenging time & being in control of your emotions. For starters, she gives tips and breathing exercises to help you stay calm whether you’re working from home or resting at home.

You can work with Jen at https://www.jensimmonsmpc.com/ and reach her at Jen@evolvetherapy.org. To access the materials for Breathing Exercises & Psychology tools, download from https://bit.ly/NRMentalPerformance