Episode 48 with Daniel Bækkegård: How a Pro Triathlete Learned From His Fueling Mistakes

In today’s episode, we speak with Daniel Bækkegård about how he has fine tuned his nutrition and hydration game plans as a pro triathlete.

About Daniel Bækkegård:
Been chasing dreams in elite sport since my childhood. Starting as a competitive swimmer in my local swim club and transferred into triathlon in 2014 as part of the Youth National Team.
In 2019 I transferred into long distance racing, winning my debut Ironman in Austria and qualifying for my first Ironman World Championship in Hawaii. Since then I haven’t looked back. I am aiming to be the best in the world. It takes hard work and dedication but with the right team around me I am confident in reaching my goals.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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