Episode 49 with Dr. Dana Lis: Collagen Supplementation Mistakes to Avoid

In today’s episode, we speak with Dr. Dana Lis about…

  • Why athletes should care about collagen supplementation 
  • How to properly supplement with collagen
  • Common collagen supplementation mistakes to avoid

Dr. Dana Lis is internationally recognized for her leadership in the field of Performance Nutrition. One of the few Registered Dietitians globally to have completed the renowned IOC Diploma in Sport Nutrition & PhD, she seamlessly aligns the three key elements shaping the field of Performance Nutrition: Practise, Research & Industry. Her expertise in these pillars has been at the forefront of advancement in the field for over fifteen years. In this time, she almost exclusively supported Olympic & Professional sport across multiple continents & a wide spectrum of sports. Both a tireless drive to excel in her field & a passion for education, developed in Dana nuanced insight & knowledge to effectively impact athlete health & performance. Heading into her 4th season as the Performance Nutrition Consultant for the Golden State Warriors, her leading research in department of Neurobiology, Physiology & Behaviour (University California Davis, Baar Lab) has presented an ideal integration of her research-based nutrition strategies aimed at reducing injury risk & improving return to play. Dana continues to drive the nutrition field forward through mentorship, shaping best practise & challenging the status quo. To date, after reaching many pinnacles of her career, such as, being a formative leader in establishing Performance Nutrition across the Canadian Sport Institutes as preeminent, novel research pertaining to gluten-free diets, defining best practise treatment dietary modification to reduce gastrointestinal illness in athletes, supporting several Olympic medals & NBA Championships & mentoring beyond technical skills to develop holistic athlete support, she is prepared for new challenges & intrinsic purpose. Her goal is to invest her distinguishing expertise & passion into big-picture initiatives aimed at fueling, educating & supporting the next generation of athletes. Aligned with her life epigram, “nothing ventured, nothing gained,” Dana has her eyes set on challenging herself in the world of emergent technologies to upsurge global access to the support & expertise historically reserved for professional athletes.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

See you in the next episode!