Episode 5 with Antone Haley: How Nutrition & Hydration Helped Him Secure 1st Place At Tactical Games

Today’s episode features life-long martial artist Antone Haley. Antone is a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, has 15 years of kickboxing experience, and is a full Dog Brother. Antone is also an MMA coach, and has instructorships in a dozen martial systems including Krav Maga, JKD, and Kali.

In addition to being a firearms instructor, Antone is also a competitive shooter. In 2019 Antone was able to secure four 1st place finishes in The Tactical Games. His first win came in the intermediate division in Mississippi. After that Antone secured three consecutive first place finishes in the elite division in Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. His last two performances also won him The Tactical Games ‘Carolina Cup.’

In this episode, I talk with Antone about The Tactical Games, the role nutrition has played in his success, what his training is like, and what his future plans are.

Antone doesn’t rock the social media but you may be able to find a few snaps of him @thetacticalgames