Episode 66 with Jennifer Gibson and Dr. Dana Lis: How to Dig Deeper into your Sports Nutrition Practice

In today’s episode, we speak with Dr. Dana Lis and Jennifer Gibson about…

  • Their journey into the science of sports nutrition
  • How to dig deeper into your practice, especially concerning female athletes
  • Teaching nutrition for elite sport: Elite Operator Performance Nutrition Course at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs June 23-25

Jennifer Gibson is an internationally recognized sport dietitian with 17 years of experience in elite sport. Most recently, Jennifer spent 7 seasons as the lead sport dietitian and sport science coordinator for the Chicago Bears Football Club. Between 2006-2015 she was a senior sport dietitian and applied physiologist with the United States Olympic Committee and within the Canadian Olympic sport system.

Dr. Dana Lis is internationally recognized for her leadership and versatile roles across the field of Performance Nutrition. Aside from being one of the few Registered Dietitians decorate with the renowned IOC Diploma in Sport Nutrition and PhD, she seamlessly aligns the three key elements shaping the field of Performance Nutrition: Practice, Research and Industry. Her expertise in these pillars has lead advancement of the field for over fifteen years. In this time, she almost exclusively supported Olympic and Professional sport across several continents and a spectrum of sports. A lifelong learner and tireless drive to be the best developed in Dana nuanced insights and knowledge to truly impact athlete health and performance.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

See you in the next episode!



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