Episode 9 with Robin Vieira & Abbi Milner: Backcountry Adventures Part 2

In today’s episode, we’re doing a part 2 with Robin Vieira and Abbi Milner (Check back to episodes #6 & 7 to hear the first few). We dive into home made foods used on long runs and fast packing adventures as well as GI issues on runs and . . . maybe TMI, but we talk about when nature calls while out on an adventure. Stay tuned to hear some genius hacks on foods to bring along and how to transport them whether your cycling or running.

You can find Robin at https://www.mindfullyrobin.com/home and follow her at @mindfullyrobin on Instagram to access guided IGTV yoga and meditation videos.

You can find Abbi at trailwithflair.com and follow her at @wildlywell.abbi on Instagram.

We mentioned a lot of products in our episode today, check out the links below to check them out.