Episode 107 with Coach Chris Bagg: How to Train for Ironman & Qualify for Kona

In this week’s episode we talk to triathlon coach, Chris Bagg, about:

  • How to effectively train for Ironman (full and 70.3)
  • What you should be doing to qualify for Ironman World Champs

Chris Bagg has been an athlete his whole life, ever since he dangled from the outside of an escalator in the Boston Museum of Science at age five. Chris played soccer through college, standing in one place as a goalkeeper, and then, after moving to Washington D.C., he discovered he had an aptitude for endurance, rather than ball sports. Since then he’s been a runner, a triathlete, a cyclist, and a cross-country skier, all at a high level. He raced professionally and semi-professionally as a triathlete and cyclist for 15 years, respectively, posting career results of 4th at Ironman Canada in 2011, 2nd at Challenge Penticton in 2014, 13th (and top American) at the great Challenge Roth in 2017, 12th at the ITU Long Distance World Championships in 2017, and 22nd at Unbound Gravel in 2019. He started coaching endurance sports in 2009, but with his background as a teacher, he’s been a coach for most of his life. He happily describes his job now as “a gym teacher for adults.”

As the founder of Campfire Endurance Coaching, Chris aims to provide all athletes, regardless of level or genetic gift, with the kind of training that professional athletes receive: consistent and thoughtful communication, programs tailored to their goals and lives, and a wide perspective that encompasses the athlete’s entire career. He believes that endurance sport, through its unique flavor of adversity, can make athletes faster, happier, and healthier, and he wants that for all of you.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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