Episode 91 with Jamie Whitfield: Muscle Metabolism, High Carb vs High Fat, Supplements & Training Adaptation

In this week’s episode we talk to researcher Jamie Whitfield, who studies muscle metabolism, about:

Jamie Whitfield earned his PhD in exercise physiology and muscle metabolism from the University of Guelph (Canada) and is now a Research Fellow in the Exercise and Nutrition Research Program at Australian Catholic University (Melbourne, Australia). His research utilises a variety of research models to gain a better understanding of how nutrient availability alters skeletal muscle metabolism, and whether it can promote or inhibit training adaptation and, ultimately, human performance. He is currently a member of the editorial board for the American College of Sports Medicine’s flagship journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and is an Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA) Accredited Sport Scientist (ASpS2).

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.


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