Episode 106 with runner & Naval Officer Paul Johnson: Running Across the United States

In this week’s episode we talk to runner and Naval Office, Paul Johnson about:

  • The logistics of running across the United States
  • Raising money for Team Red, White and Blue
  • Fueling for 3,000 miles in 52 days (and change)

In 2018 Naval Officer Paul Johnson went on his first deployment overseas to Spain. While it led to amazing opportunities, it was a difficult tour that weighed heavily on him and his fellow Sailors. His next duty station took him to San Diego in 2021, and once removed from the constant stressful environment of his first deployment, he began noticing the issues he had been dealing with, like persistent sleep issues, anxiety, and depression. He had been using alcohol as a coping mechanism, but his narrative began shifting in 2022, when a Marine friend asked Paul to train and run the Marine Corps Marathon. He trained for months, and they both ended up finishing the marathon in under 3 hours, and receiving their Boston Qualifier. During this time, he realized how much running helped him cope with the anxiety/depression symptoms he was experiencing. In January 2023, with a move to the East Coast, he started a run streak. This quickly evolved into entering the ultra scene, running 100 mile races by April 2023. Running was his therapy, and he found release and escape in a positive way. This year (2024), he tackled the TransCon, running 3,000 miles from California to New York to raise awareness & funds for mental health issues facing veterans through Team Red White and Blue, which exists to enrich the lives of veterans by providing opportunities to build a healthier lifestyle.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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