Episode 109 with Rebecca Rusch: Finding dirt dharma

In this week’s episode we talk to world-class athlete and overall badass, Rebecca Rusch about:

  • Nutrition changes through TBI recovery
  • Her journey from adventure racing to getting on a bike, and finding “dirt dharma” 
  • How she fuels on the road
  • The Be Good Foundation

Rebecca Rusch, revered as a world-class explorer, athlete, and advocate, has carved a niche for herself within the cycling world and beyond. Renowned for her seven-time World Championship titles across diverse disciplines and her induction into both the Mountain Bike and Gravel Hall of Fame, Rebecca’s accolades mirror her extraordinary commitment to excellence. Beyond competition, she is an author, CEO of Rusch Ventures, founder of Rebecca’s Private Idaho gravel event, and has received an Emmy Award for her documentary film Blood Road. Through starting the Be GoodTM Foundation, Rebecca channels her passion for cycling into community building, human transformation and global health impact.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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Rebecca’s Trails Less Traveled Cookies

  • We’ll be sharing Rebecca’s Trail Less Traveled Cookies on NR’s Instagram this week!