Episode 100 with Ulrich Bartholmoes: Ultra Bike Packing & Racing: Preparing & Competing for Multi-Day & Multi-Week Adventures

In this week’s episode we talk to ultra bike packing with 2023 Tour Divide winner Ulrich Bartholmoes:

  • How he got into ultra bike packing and long distance racing
  • Approaches to fueling & training for multi-week and multi-day adventures
  • His upcoming Triple Crown / FKT attempt
  • The realities of two weeks on the trail
  • Sweat testing and research and how this helps his efforts

Ulrich Bartholmoes, also called “uba,” is 37 years old and lives in Girona, Spain and Munich, Germany. He started racing Grand-Fondo-like events in 2014 and discovered that the longer the races are, the more elevation gain they have and the harder they are, the more he liked them. In 2018 he came 4th on the Tour du Mont Blanc in France. Researching even longer races, he discovered bike packing and the world of unsupported ultra races.

Since he entered his first unsupported race – the Transpyrenees – in 2019 he finished 21 ultra long distance events with something between 700 and 4,300 kilometers nonstop. Ulrich is the overall winner of 16 ultracycling races and record holder for the fastest known time on several routes. Ulrich achieved his greatest success in summer 2023, winning the 4,300-kilometer mountain bike race “Tour Divide“ from Canada to the Mexican border of the USA in the second-fastest time ever recorded under extremely challenging conditions with rain, heavy mud, and intense heat towards the end of the race.

Please note that this podcast is created strictly for educational purposes and should never be used for medical diagnosis and treatment.

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