Amazon Prime Guide: What 3 Sports Nutrition Experts Are Shopping

Amazon Prime Guide

The Nutritional Revolution Team Curated Their Top Picks for Amazon Prime Days!

Shop like a sports nutrition expert with our 2023 guide to Amazon Prime Day! Whether you’re shopping for the athlete in your life, the chef in your life, or the healthy human in your life, we’ve got you covered! 

Nutritional Revolution Founder and Sports Nutritionist Kyla Channell is all about making life easier in smart, sustainable ways. Here are the top 5 items on her Amazon shopping list this week:

  1. BeetIt Supplement Powder: Save 20% on this nitrate source, which may help support high intensity exercise, intermittent and short bursts of energy.*
  2. VitaMix Propel Series 750 Blender: Get a whopping 37% off during Prime Day for this easy-to-use blender, perfect for all those recovery shakes and summer smoothies.
  3. A Must Read: Run Fast. Cook Fast. Eat Slow.: Quick-Fix Recipes for Hangry Athletes: A Cookbook: The chili, turkey meatballs and rainbow salad are on repeat at Kyla’s house. (And you can save 30% off on the book now!)
  4. Stasher Reusable Silicone Storage Bags: These sustainable options are on super sale at 30% off retail. Pro tip: these are great for freezing as well!
  5. Bee’s Wrap: A sustainable alternative to foil or plastic wrap, these reusable beeswax food wraps are super cute for any kitchen, and are 41% off during Prime Day!

Sports Dietitian Lexi Martoia gives her top 5 picks for smart Amazon Prime Day picks, which are all about healthy days, nights and convenient ways to manage meal prep:

  1. Prep like a pro with this AveFare Pro Chicken Shredder:This time saver is perfect for meal prep days! Bonus, it’s dishwasher safe and more than 30% off for Prime Days.
  2. Seasoning Organizer with Auto Measure: At more than 40% off, your kitchen will be more organized than ever with this KitchenArt spice organizer carousel. 
  3. Not just an AirFryer: At 50% off, this sleek ChefMan Digital AirFryer also doubles as a rotisserie, dehydrator and convection oven for an all-in-one convenient cooking tool.
  4. Momentus Creatine: This everyday Amazon pick is always well-priced and provides enhanced endurance performance and may improve muscular strength and power, as well as lean muscle gains.**
  5. Cheribundi SLEEP Tart Cherry Juice: This sleep supplemented cherry juice is 50% when you subscribe and save, and may improve sleep quality, as well as help reduce inflammation and markers of muscle damage while decreasing muscle soreness.***

Sports Dietitian Amanda Amodol gives her top 5 picks for smart Amazon Prime Day picks, which are all about healthy days, nights and convenient ways to manage meal prep:

  1. Dragon Glassware Glass Coffee Mugs: Keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold with these chic double walled insulated mugs, 20% off during Prime Days. 
  2. Healthy Human Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Amanda never says no to a new water bottle! Carrying a water bottle with you helps remind you to stay hydrated throughout the day, and at 28% off, it’s a steal of a deal. 
  3. Dragon Glassware Soup & Cereal Bowls: Complete the set with these great bowls, which are safe to touch even when super hot. 
  4. Help with proper alignment: This toilet footstool helps your body gain the right positioning to reduce straining.
  5. PSO Spine Massager: Worth every penny, this massager is Amanda’s top pick for all those stubborn knots between the shoulder blade. 

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